Warning! This page contains spoilers, obviously.

Only Salem

notright.mp3: Proof! Salem That can't be right. 47KB

omlet.mp3: Salem And I'll have the Liver and Bree omlet. 15KB

askedfor.mp3: Salem I'm sorry, I thought I asked for an omlet. Hello! 28KB

praycash.mp3: DongDing Salem Hello? Oh, yes! Oh-yes! Oh-yes! Ah! Prayers are answered! Ah! 50s! 20s! 95KB

please.mp3: Salem Oh please, oh please, oh plea-ea-ease! 21KB

hands.mp3: Salem At least let me lick your hands! 18KB

frosting.mp3: Salem Do I have any frosting on my face? 12KB

hatsidea.mp3: Salem The hats were my idea! 10KB [info]

sabyo.mp3: Salem Sabrina. YO! 18KB

never_here.mp3: Salem You didn't see me, I was never here. 16KB

meow.mp3: Salem Meow? Meeo! 21KB

wcraft.mp3: Salem singing Witch Craft Those fingers in my hair, that sly come hither stare, that strips my conscience bare, it's... witch-craft. And I've got no defence for it, the heat is too intense for it, what good would common sense for it do... Chokes Hairball! Chokes Again! HAIRBALL! 249KB


These clips are sorted by the roughly how much of the clip involves Salem.

busted.mp3: Salem Yeah.. I'd like to place an order. I'll be paying with cash. First item. Mouse on a string - now that's a real mouse, right? No? Ervelper-hay. Yeah-yeah-And don't ever call me here again! Sa-Sabrina! You busted out of the joint?! Sabrina I've got to get this deactivator off. Salem I'll pick it with my dew claw. It's essentially the same lock that's on your diary. 156KB

dontdo.mp3: Hilda Salem? Salem Huh! Greek Club! Oh, man, don't do that to me! 27KB

boohoo.mp3: Aunts Ole! Ding Salem They left me behind! Be strong, don't cry, euh-heu-heu-heu-heu-euh-heu-heu! Magic Huh! Sabrina I can't believe we almost forgot you! Salem What. Had you left? 71KB

lovecat.mp3: Hilda Good work Salem... Salem Show me the tuna! Bigga! Show me the tuna! Say "I love the black cat"! Hilda I looove the black cat! Salem I can't hear you. Hilda I looove the black cat!! Salem I love the black cat! 82KB

burp.mp3: Salem Woah... I wish my fur had an elastic waistband. Burp. (Laughs) Zelda Well stop eating! Salem I can't... 64KB

cattalk.mp3: Sabrina C'mon Salem. Salem Can you wait till I've finished my milk? Sabrina Did the cat just talk? Salem Yes. And get this stupid hat off my head. Sabrina Oh my God! 94KB

sports.mp3: Salem Hurry up Sabrina, you're gonna miss the bus! Sabrina Oh, Salem! Have you seen my biology notes? Salem Nope, sports section's lining my box this week. 55KB

busstation.mp3: Baby Sqeals Salem Dear lord you picked up a guy at the bus station. Sabrina No it's the baby I'm babysitting for. He's fourteen months old. Something happened to him! 45KB

made_cat.mp3: SLAM Sabrina It's so unfair. They can't make me go to the other realm. Salem They made a cat: You're messing with the wrong crowd. (Laughs) 53KB

henry.mp3: Sabrina Patrick Henry gave an impassioned speech in Williamsburg where he proclaimed "Give me liberty or give me death" Salem Actually, he was gonna say "Give me libery or give me some other option" I told him I thought it needed more punch! 83KB

buyadog.mp3: Zilda I'm going to buy a lab. Hilda A Puppy!? Salem A do-og!? Zelda No! A Laboratory Salem I'm not relieved. 46KB

gimme5.mp3: Sabrina I did it! I passed! Hilda Congratulations! Zelda I'm so proud of you! Salem Gimme 5! Pause I can't... :-( Ueh-heh-huh-huh... 46KB

pushit.mp3: Hilda I'm so glad we spent our small fortune on a... briefcase. Salem So fire it up and whip me up some hospital gray catmi- Zelda Uh, uh. This is highly technical equipment. No one touches anything until I've read the manual. Salem Push the button. Hilda You push it. Salem Push it...! Hilda uuh.. Bzzziumring! Cool! 161KB

bake.mp3: Sabrina Well... do you want to help me bake, your highness? Salem Like I have a choice. 39KB

meow2.mp3: Jenny Hey kitty, do you know where the linen closet is? Salem Mow! Jenny I know, it's snooping. But all that talk about towels made me wanna check their's out... Salem Meow? Jenny I found it! Salem Meow?! Nooo! Sabrina What's up Salem? CRASH Salem Jenny, just got sent to other realm! 104KB

tryhard.mp3: Sabrina My aunts try hard. Salem Meow! Sabrina But you have to admit, they're pretty weird. Salem You have no idea. 83KB

mouse.mp3: Sabrina Salem? Would you like your rubber mouse? Pause Salem Please. 47KB


There is a distinct possibility that I have misheard some of the clips, and that the transcripts are not absolutely correct. If you see a mistake please tell me!

Some of these clips were recorded by Matt Tuckett. If you cannot play the *.MP3 sound clips, download the stunningly good WinAmp (MacAmp available too) from Alternatively, visit the MPEG3 homepage and download a player. (Make sure it is an old one - eg WinPlay3 - since newer ones like AudioActive will apparently only play files from the MPEG3 home site).

IE4 users - please note that you do not actually need a player, IE4 comes with a gratis MPEG Layer 3 codec.

For more sounds from Sabrina the Teenage Witch, visit Matt T.'s Sabrina Sound Archive. A Sabrina Sound Archive is also available as part of the new obkb archives.