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This site is split into several main sections:

  1. Report from Sound Stage 14: What is it like on the set of Sabrina? WARNING! This page is full of spoilers!
  2. Salem The Warlord, The Character WARNING! This page is full of spoilers!
  3. Various Quotes from the series. WARNING! This page is full of spoilers!
  4. Nick Bakay, Salem's Voice.
  5. The Puppets and who built them.
  6. Merchandise (aka The Toys).
  7. The Cats, the feline actors.
  8. Pictures with Salem in them.
  9. Sound Clips from the show.
  10. Credits for the sounds and pictures.
  11. DEBATE!!! Animal Makers were told to hit the road half way through season two. A new company has taken over doing the animatronics. What do you think?

Latest Changes and News

I haven't updated this page in almost 2 years... Aaarg! Something to do with the fact that I'm doing a degree, or so I'm told. Anyway, I've decided that I quite clearly do not have the time to work on this, so I'm looking for someone capable who wants to take the site from me. Apply by e-mail. The new owner will have a great love of Salem, will know what "HTML is not a presentation language" actually means, and will pay a lot of attention to detail. I will be happy to lend a helping hand both during and after the handover.


Salem is the talking cat in Sabrina the Teenage Witch. He is brought to life by 2 puppets, 1 actor, some pupeteers, real cats and several cat trainers.

For more details, please browse through this site. The contents section is above. The epsiode numbers I have used are from the production order.

Why do I do this? Good question. I love cats, and I just think Salem is the funniest cat I ever did see...

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Thanks to the following people who helped me, each in their own way, while I was doing this site.

  1. Nick Bakay
  2. Donald Lancon
  3. Judy Reboy from ANiMATO!
  4. Paula Hart
  5. Jim Boulden from Animal Makers
  6. Edward Chiodo from Chiodo Brothers
  7. Jenna Leigh Green
  8. Melissa Joan Hart
  9. Christian Hanson
  10. Matt Tuckett
  11. Isengrim
  13. Red Frog
  14. MissedE
  15. Beverly K.


This is just a quick list. For a more complete list, see Donald Lancon's MJH sites around the net page or the UltimateTV list. For links specific to either Salem, Nick Bakay, the puppets, the toys or the cats, please see the relevant sections above.

  1. Sabrina The Teenage Witch at ABC Primtetime
  2. Doyle's Melissa Joan Hart Frames
  3. Donald Lancon's pages:
    1. Sabrina the Teenage Witch
    2. MJH sites around the net
    3. Sabrina the Teenage Witch Episode Guide
  4. Another Sabrina The Teenage Witch Episode Guide
  5. Paramount's web site for Sabrina.

Do you have more material? Pictures or sounds of Salem? Information? Corrections? Comments? Links? Please e-mail them to me:

The Sabrina The Teenage Witch WebRing

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